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                                     In Campus ICT Facilities


Room number or Name of classrooms/Seminar Hall Type of  ICT  facility
Class room of Department of Chemistry (SB 1st Floor) Smart TV
Class room of Department of Physics (SB Ground Floor) Smart TV , Projector
 Class Room of Department of Human Physiology: New Building Smart TV
Room No.NB 09 [Adjacent to Department of Computer Science] Smart TV, Projector
GF-1 Smart TV
Seminar Room Projector
FF-7 Projector
SF-6 Projector




Type of  ICT  facility


1Desktop Computer  + Smart TV


1Desktop Computer +1 Laptop+ Smart TV + Projector

Mathematics 1Desktop Computer + PA Lecturm
Computer Science 52 Desktop Computers + 2 Laptops + 01 Smart TV
Human Physiology 1Desktop Computer ,1 Laptop, Smart TV
Zoology 1Desktop Computer
Botany 1Desktop Computer
English 1 Laptop + Smart TV (Language Lab)
Psychology 1 Laptop and 1Desktop Computer
Geography 02-Desktop Computers+ 1 Laptop+1Printer
Political Science  1 Laptop
Bengali 1 Laptop
Sanskrit 1 Laptop
Education 1 Laptop
History 1 Laptop
Commerce 1Desktop Computer



Photos of ICT enabled classes