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The NATIONAL SERVICE SCHEME, popularly known as NSS is a noble experiment in the academic framework. It inculcates the spirit of voluntary work among the students and teachers through sustained community interaction. It brings our academic institutions closer to the society. It shows how to combine knowledge and action to achieve results which are desirable for community development. 

The motto of NSS is "Not Me, But You". It stands for the following two ideals, (i) to forget and surrender the self and (ii) to render selfless service to the entire nation.

NSS  at  Netaji Subhash Mahavidyala

The college encourages students' participation in NSS. NSS began in 1976 in Tripura. There are 258 educational institutions where NSS units exist. Netaji Subhash Mahavidyalaya is proud to be one of them. There are 120 volunteers in the college at present. The NSS volunteers are required to complete 120 hours of national service per academic year. They are also required to complete one special camp for sustainable national development for 10 days continuously and 8 hours per day. However, the special camp days now has been reduced to seven days. Presently  NSS programme Officer of the Netaji Subhash Mahavidyalaya is Sri. Pradip Chakraborty, PGT(HE) Political Science.

Important Thrust  Areas

Keeping in mind the moto of the NSS the important thrust areas of the NSS Unit of the Netaji Subhash Mahavidyalaya are:

Sramadan (cleaning and gardening)
Awareness Generation (pollution, smoking etc.)
Disaster management
National Integration and Social Harmony
Blood Donation
Cultural Activities




Blood Donation Camp



Swachhta Programme



Traffic Rules And Road Safety Measures Awareness Programme








1 A fight against Covid19.Awareness and essential goods distribution Report
2 Duty in Matabari Diwali Mela, COVID19 awareness Report
3 World AIDS Day 2020 Report
4 Fit India movement 2020 Report
5 Armed Forces Flag Day 2020 Report
6 A mega Swachchta Abhiyan 2020(Report 6) Report
7 NSS Special Camp 2020-2021(Report 7) Report
8 World consumer rights day 2021(Report 8) Report
9 Blood Donation and Gandhiji's birthday (Report 9) Report
10 Vanamahotsava 2021(Report 10) Report
11 Voluntary blood donation (Report 11) Report
12 International Yoga Day 2021(Report 12) Report
13 Tree plantation and adoption (Report 13) Report
14 Drug addiction prevention (Report 14) Report
15 Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav (Report 15) Report
16 Diwali Mela 2021& Vaccination day (Report 16) Report
17 Mega swachchta abhiyan 2021(Report 17) Report
18 NSS Special Camp December 2021(Report 18) Report



        Report on NSS Special Camp Activities (2019-20)




1 Diwali Mela Festival 28.10.2019 Report
2 A Workshop on anti Drug Campain 17.07.2019 Report
3 Vanamahotsava 23.06.2019 Report
4 International Yoga Day 21.06.2019 Report
5  Traffic Rules and Road Safety 21.09.2019 Report
7  Swach Bharat Summer Camp 03.08.2019-11.08.2019 Report
8 Plastic Waste Management 03.10.2019 Report
9 Youth Performance Report 07.11.2019 Report



Report on NSS Special Camp Activities (2018-19)




1 National Voter Day01-20-2018 Report
2 Big Swachwa Bharat Abhiyan 02.10.2018 Report
3 Swachwa Bharat Summer Internship Program 03.08.2018-11.08.2018 Report
4  Diwali Mela Festival 06.11.2018-07.11.2018 Report
5 DYLP Programme  Report
6 Mass Rally on World AIDS Day 09.10.2018 Report
7 Natinal De worming Day 10-08-2018 Report
8 Swachwa Bharat Summer Internship 11.11.2018 Report
9 Vanamahotsava 16.07.2018 Report
10 World Heritage Day-19.11.2018 Report
10 State Level Pre Parade Programme 23-09-2018 Report
11 Speech Competition 01.11.2019 Report
  Survey on Problemetic internet use among school going children 30.09.2018 Report
12 Blood Group Test Programme 29.09.2018  Report
12 28.02.2019-06.03.2019 -- 7 Days Special Camp Report
13 Protection of Civil Right Act_03.04.2019 Report
14 Youth Parliament Programme                        18.01.2019, 19.01.2019 & 24.01.2019 Report
15 Socio Economics Awareness Survey 2018 08-Aug-2022 21-25-08 Report



Report on NSS Special Camp Activities (2017-2018)




1 Celebration of Vivekananda's Birthday  12.01.2018 Report
2  International Yoga Day  21.06.2018 Report
3  Life skill Leadership and Personality development 20.03.2018 Report
4 Rally on HIV AIDS 06.09.2017 Report
5 World Health Day07.04.2017 Report
6 Swachwa Pakhswa Program 07.08.2017 Report
7 Vanamahotsava  09.08.2017 Report
8 Legal Service 09.11.2017 Report
9 Diwali Mela Festival 19.10.2017-20.10.2017 Report
10 International Yoga Day 21.06.2017 Report
11 Blood Donation Camp 21.08.2017 Report
12 Jungle Cu23.03.2017n College Campus 22.04.2017 Report
13 AIDS Awareness Program 23.03.2017 Report
14 NSS Seven days Special Camp  24.10.2017-30.10.2017 Report
15 Five days residential Camp 26.03.2017 Report
16 Felicitation to the Students who got First division  Report






Glimpse of  NSS and NCC activities

Skill Development Programme


NSS Program August



NSS and NCC Diwali Duty



Flag Day Dec'20



Fit India Movement _NSS_NCC