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 From Principal’s Desk


Netaji  Subhash  Mahavidyalaya (Estd. 21.09.1979), initially  named as Udaipur  Govt. degree college has been recognized as its present name on 23.01.1997. It is a prestigious coeducational college under Gomati District. This college is adjacent to National Highway No. 8 and is located on the riverine tract of Gomati, the sacred river of the inhabitants of Tripura. This college is blessed with  its location within the ambit of  Mata Tripureswari Devi. Our  students, faculties  and staffs are always engulfed into the shower of blessings of Mata Tripureswari Devi.


                            The vision of this college is to inculcate the growth of individuality to personality. It is that growth which makes it develop into the full personality of a democratic citizen. For that, freedom and responsibility are the ingredients. Hence, the root of human excellence “they alone live who live for others….” is always nurtured by our very own faculty members of each disciplines.


                                             The mission of our college is embedded in our logo ‘সা বিদ্যা যা বিমুক্তেয়’ means ‘that is knowledge which liberates’. We strongly believe that knowledge is power and the need for knowledge is, to rise into and to mature into, wisdom. Our moto is to put stress on the direction from human sensuality to human spirituality. Netaji Subhash saw man as man, so his infinite divine possibilities, felt compassion for the tragedy of his creature line and unfulfillments. With Netaji, we harbor an idea that “the frontier of ignorance shall recede” with that belief we always motivate ourselves to move ahead in our aim to redesign, reposition and re-energize this college. All the initiatives are possible only with the support of various stakeholders of our college, the government, the members of the society, faculty, staff, students and their parents. We consider all of them as the members of Netaji Subhash Mahavidyalaya family.

                         While crossing the path my endeavor is to develop harmony with myself, to harmonize my activities with my internal members where values, goals, mission, social responsibility and governance are consequences of a harmonization.