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Department of Psychology





Year of Establishment: 2007

Names of Programmes / Courses offered : UG Programme with both B.A./B.Sc. Major & B.A/ B.Sc. (General)

Seat Capacity :  

              Psychology Major -  20

              Psychology General - 30


Associate Professor:- Nil

Assistant Professor :-Nil

PGT :- 01

Guest Faculty:- 02

Email :- departmentofpsychologynsm@gmail.com

Departmental WhatsApp Group:-  departmentofpsychologynsm@gmail.com

About Department

Faculty profile with name, qualification, designation, Specialization:




Area of Interest/ Specialization

Date of Joining


Dr. Sumana Majumder




M.A., M.Phil.

PG Diploma in Human Rights


Industrial Psychology   View
Mr. Anup Das   Guest Lecturer M.A. Clinical Psychology    
Ms Jina Debbarma   Guest Lecturer M.A. Clinical Psychology    



Infrastructural facilities:

Departmental Room: 01

No. of Classrooms: 02 (Sharing with other Departments)

No. of Laboratories: 01




              Psychology Major

              Psychology General



Tripura University  (Major) question papers:

Tripura University (General) question papers:

Tripura University Practical (Honours and General) question papers:


Extension Activities by the Department:


           Glimpse of Extension Activities



Survey on Problematic Internet Use among School- going Children: The study was conducted on 30-09-2018 by the students of VI Semester, Department of Psychology, & NSS, Netaji Subhash Mahavidyalaya,Ethical consideration was done before starting the study. A total of 50 students from Udaipur Municipal area were taken randomly and administered the interview schedule. School going students (Class VI to VIII & Class IX to XII) of both sexes who were above 10 years and below 19 years of age, who gave valid consent, and who gave history of using internet were included in the study. Students who were not using internet or not willing to give valid consent were excluded from study. At the same time 50 parents (either father or mother of those 50 students) were also interviewed.

Watering the plants along NH-8: This activity was carried out on 26th of June 2018 with the help of existing students and Alumni of Deptt. of Psychology N.S. Mahavidyalaya. Around 60 students were participated in the event of watering plants (100 nos. of plants), which were planted by the State Government of Tripura, covering near about 1 km starting from Agriculture point to Industry Bazar.

Study of risk taking behavior of the persons, when steering-wheel in hand: The Deptt. of Psychology, Netaji Subhash Mahavidyalaya  initiated a field study for the students of 5th semester Psychology Hons. with the help of Radhakishorepur Traffic Unit in order to study the risk taking behavior of the persons, when steering-wheel is in their hand. The said visit has been conducted on 27/8/2019 at 9 am where 16 nos. of students were participated. First all the students met with Dy. SP. (Traffic), who briefed them about the Traffic rules and regulations. Then the students were divided in to two groups to study risk taking behavior along with Traffic Awareness duty at Ramesh Chowmuhani and Brahma Bari under Udaipur, Gomati District. Both group of the students got all around co-operation from Radhakishorepur Traffic Unit.

          Study on Cybercrime awareness among school & college students: To execute the study, 6th Semester (Hons) students of Psychology have selected the local school named Vivekananda Vidyapith and their own college to collect data. Official processes have been done accordingly on 1st and 2nd December, 2021.  14 students from the Psychology department collected the data from 100 students (50 students from N.S. Mahavidyalaya and 50 students from Vivekananda Vidyapith). Before collecting data verbal consent was taken from all the respondents. On 6th December, 2021, data were collected from 50 students (both male & female) from odd semester of N.S. Mahavidyalaya irrespective of stream. On 20th December, 2021 data were collected from 50 students from class IX of Vivekananda Vidyapith (both male & female).





Departmental Activities:                                         


       1. Short Film : Lockdown...Moner Canvase    :-  https://youtu.be/56x2XXfIBv8


2.      Study on Depression during the Journey of COVID 19 and Lockdown: Keeping in mind the pandemic and lockdown situation, the department of Psychology, Netaji Subhash Mahavidyalaya (NSM) has conducted a study (through Whatsapp group) to assess depression among the students of the said college. The study was conducted on 20th and 21st of April, 2020. A total of 54 students from 2nd, 4th and 6th Sem were included in the study and distributed BDI-II (Beck Depression Inventory- II), which is consisted of 21 items. There were 29 female students and 25 male students. Their age ranges from 19-21years. From telephonic conversation it wass found that irrespective of living area (Urban and Rural) and gender all the students were getting bored, frustrated, and helpless though not hopeless. Along with these they were also anxious about their syllabus and Semester examinations.


               3.  Wall Magazine, 2021

               4. Wall Magazine, 2022



5. Study entitled ‘Awareness on Women Empowerment’: Women Cell of Netaji Subhash Mahavidyalaya has decided to conduct a survey on the awareness of women empowerment among female students and delivered the task to the Deptt. of Psychology. So, this survey aims to study the awareness level of the female students of Netaji Subhash Mahavidyalaya, Udaipur, Tripura. The data were collected on 30th and 31st December, 2021 through Google form. The interview schedule has been distributed into 2 (two) parts. Basic or primary information was in Part-A and 20 statements were there in Part-B. There are three options (Yes, No, and Prefer not to say) in the Part-B against each statement to answer. Total 1153 female students’ responses were recorded. Among them, 1005 nos. of respondents were unmarried and 148 respondents were married.




       Educational Videos



                             Link for e-Resources 


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Consumer Psychology




Introduction to Emotional Intelligence and Related Concepts  https://youtu.be/mUG1sHQXRX0
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